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Hello! I’m Jo Panyko, BS MNT, a functional medicine nutrition therapist (nutritionist), probiotics consultant, and speaker in my company, Chrysalis Nutrition and Health, and the creator and author of this site, Power of Probiotics.

I am the author of the books, Probiotics: How to Use Them to Your Advantage and Saccharomyces boulardii, The Special Forces Probiotic" shown in the left margin. I am also the author of the book, "Probiotics for Health" being released by Simon & Schuster, Adams Media August 1, 2017.

Additionally, I am a professional member of NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals), a former engineer, and a volunteer nutrition educator.

I know that you are looking for information and guidance about probiotics, and I hope that this site is helping you find your answers!

Unlike other websites and blogs that give general wellness information about this topic, my goal is to make this the first unique site to:  

  • Be written by a functional medicine nutritionist, so you can see the bigger health picture of why it's important to integrate beneficial bacteria and yeasts, and foods that support them, into your daily food plan in many ways for health preservation (and how to do it). My clients and I have had some of the same struggles you may be dealing with now, so I understand how hard this can be. This probiotics information is based on scientific studies from scientific journals, unless otherwise noted.
  • Give you strain-specific information, when available, about each of the major species that are found in related foods, drinks and supplements. (You’ll see why that is very important!)
  • Help you save time and money while doing things to be healthier

Please leave me comments along the way, and let others know about it!

One of my passions in life is health, and more specifically, nutrition. I had an early introduction to it. My Dad was ahead of his time when I was growing up. He did fasting, we didn't eat junk food, and we had organic vegetable gardens so big that he had to rototill it with a tractor. We canned the produce from our harvests. Of course, at the time, I hated it because all of my friends had sodas and chips...

 After having a career as an engineer, having children and suffering from major autoimmune and chronic fatigue health challenges, I realized I had to re-connect with my passion for nutrition. I went back to school and received my certification as a Master Nutrition Therapist and furthered my nutrition education with courses in functional medicine. Functional medicine "is an individualized approach to patient care that focuses on restoring balance to the dysfunctional systems by strengthening the fundamental physiologic process that underlie them, and by adjusting the environmental inputs that nurture or impair them" (Cleveland Clinic). To me, functional medicine is finding out what the mechanisms are that caused the problems and using strategies to correct those mechanisms.

Even though my brain works like an engineer’s (very ‘left-brained’), believe it or not, I can even get philosophical about nutrition. I think healthy food really should be a person’s “medicine”. Food itself satisfies a basic human need, but nutritious food does more.

Eating nutritious food is part of living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself. I view it as health preservation. To me, living a healthy lifestyle involves every aspect of my being: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. So if I exercise regularly, solve Soduko puzzles routinely, are active in my community and deeply spiritual of some sort, but I feed my body junk and try to take supplements (even probiotic supplements!) to compensate for that, then I’m not completely taking care of myself or making the best use of my time and money.

Sometimes we can’t get all of the nutrients we as unique individuals need, and that’s where supplements can help us. Sometimes some of the foods that are supposed to be good for us don’t agree with us, and supplements can help us there, too. But nutritious food, including probiotic foods and drinks, should be one of the main components of our foundation of physical health.

Why Write This Site?

So why am I writing this site? Well, I appreciate all of the work other probiotics sites have done to spread the word about probiotics and help people improve their lives. My hope is that I’m filling a need for probiotics information that is written by someone who has the right kind of healthcare experience to put it into practice to save people time and money, and that is based on scientific information yet in a user-friendly format that can be used by my family, my nutrition clients, healthcare practitioners and readers like you.

I’ve tried to weave some of my real-life stories in with the technical information. My Mom and Dad would be proud, I think. I have a pretty big organic vegetable garden, but not big enough for a rototiller on a tractor! I have some berry and herb gardens and fruit trees. I jar or dry the harvest of the garden and fruits from the trees in my ‘spare’ time. Funny how I came full-circle.

Nearly all of the pictures on the site were taken by me, so you get a glimpse of my life and how I incorporate probiotics into it, even for my dogs!

Legally, I can't provide any answers to specific health questions on this site. You can learn more about nutrition therapy and schedule nutrition therapy consultations with me by visiting my nutrition therapy practice page, Chrysalis Nutrition and Health, or contact me here.

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