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Power of Probiotics reviews are one way for you to see what others think about the site. Many conversations between readers and me take place via email, not Facebook or another public forum, but these heartfelt comments, regardless, are what drive me to keep doing what I do.

Thank you to all of the readers who take time to let me know their thoughts! Here's a sampling of what people are saying that you may not see in the comments sections:

  • "Power of Probiotics is one of the best sites for finding honest assessment of probiotics.  Well done!" - Gary
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  • "Great job explaining the background while keeping it interesting and not too full of scientific jargon!" - Allyson
  • "Thank you for your reply, it is helpful and encouraging." - Rita
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  •  "I learned very much from your articles." - Bernie
  • "Thanks for your informative website. I've just begun learning about probiotics and your website is the best I've come across." - Nancy
  • "Very informative site. I have learned here all about Bifidobacterium longum..." - Judy
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  • "I can't thank you enough for all of the information your site has provided me!...Thank you so much for all of your help and information!!! - Danielle
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  • "I like what I read and will be trying some of the suggestions. Thanks for sharing." - Marion
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  • "A well researched work." - Mandela
  • "Thank you very much for providing information on the names and considerations around B. coagulans and B. subtilis, and for connecting the former to its former name L. sporogenes...it's very interesting and useful to learn about specifics. Thanks, Jo, for your work." - Leaf
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  • "I so appreciate you doing the Microbiome Medicine Summit 2. Your interview was very enlightening. It is too bad I cannot send the transcript to others without purchase, but I am glad I heard you." - Allissa
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  • "This site contains informative information regarding probiotics . I learned a lot about why bifidobacreria is important for my digestive issues." - Gwendolyn
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  • "Thank you for doing this wonderful work! The biome is where the future of medicine lies. It's going to be an uphill battle trying to clarify such a complex and misunderstood realm to the general public. But I'd say you did a good job here."- Trevor 
  • "Thank you .... you have helped me understand !"- Diane
  • "Thank you as always for being a source of inspiration and great information.  I am thankful to be able to use your website :)" - Andrea

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"Power of Probiotics is one of the best sites for finding honest assessment of probiotics.  Well done! " - Gary

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