Probiotic Supplements -
Can One of These Help You To Be Healthy?

Probiotic supplements are big business these days and are found in nearly every grocery store and even in convenience stores! So should you just pick up a box or bottle while you are in line at the checkout stand? No, please don't. While you would probably get some benefit from it, it may not be the best use of your money.

These supplements can super-charge your flora for wellness, but before you spend money, know what you want in a product and know what is in the product you are about to buy.

My probiotic reviews of these supplements, combined with the other pages of this website from a nutritionist's perspective, serve you better by:

  • Helping you decide if a particular probiotic microbe, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus or one of the Bifidobacterium bacteria, should be in the supplement you choose
  • Showing you how probiotic microbes are classified so you understand the difference between genus, species and strain levels
  • Assisting you in deciding if you need a particular strain of a microbe
  • Helping you understand what the other ingredients in the supplement are and what impact they may have on you
  • Helping  you understand the importance of CFU's on the label
  • Giving you my honest opinion of the supplement and whether there is a better alternative on the market, thus saving you time and money

More information about how to choose a probiotic supplement and other sources of beneficial microbes is in my book, Probiotics: How to Use Them to Your Advantage, along with lots of other important information about using probiotics.

Not all products mentioned on this site have individual pages. My online dispensary has many professional-brand probiotics that are known for quality control.

I write about supplements in my newsletter, too, that may not be on this site, so be sure to subscribe. Here are the supplements on this website with special pages devoted to them.

Probiotic Supplements

Alflorex - A probiotic supplement in the UK and Ireland with the Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 strain of bacteria that is advertised to help with IBS. Is that what this strain is best for?

Align - A probiotic supplement with the Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 strain of bacteria that is advertised for help with digestive issues. Is that what this strains does best?

BioClinic Naturals Probiotic-Pro12 - A multi-species probiotic supplement with 12 gastric-resistant strains of beneficial bacteria

Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-Strain Formula - A multi-species probiotic supplement with 14 gastric-resistant PXN strains of bacteria

Clear-Biotic - Clear-Biotic is marketed to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. 

Culturelle - Culturelle is a probiotic supplement that contains a significant amount of the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG that is valuable, especially for immune function.

Earth's Pearl Probiotic - A time-release supplement marketed to be "The World's Best Probiotic".

Fem-Dophilus - Fem-Dophilus is a probiotic supplement valuable in feminine health

FloraFemme - A Vaginal Probiotic Suppository for BV and Vaginal Yeast Infections

Florastor and FlorastorKids - Patented forms of the probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii

GoodBelly - Is It Really Good for Your Belly?

GutPro - A "clean" multi-strain probiotic supplement in powder, infant-powder and capsule formulations

Healthy Origins Probiotic - A probiotic supplement with FloraFIT® single strains of multiple bacteria. 

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 - A shelf-stable probiotic supplement marketed as "The Perfect Probiotic". Is it true?

iFlora Multi-Probiotic - A multi-species probiotic supplement with 16 different bacteria strains.

Jarro-Dophilus EPS Higher Potency - A shelf-stable probiotic supplement with 8 different bacteria strains

Leaf Origin Essential Cultures - A shelf-stable probiotic supplement with 15 different bacteria strains

MegaSporeBiotic - An all-Bacillus supplement with interesting claims

Mercola Complete Probiotics - High potency with 10 strains including Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 and Lactobacillus brevis

Natren's Healthy Trinity - With Lactobacillus acidophilus NAS, Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB51 and Bifidobacterium bifidum Malyoth

NOW Probiotic-10 - High potency with 10 documented strains

PB8 - A gluten-free, dairy-free probiotic supplement with 8 different bacterial strains. No longer a Nutrition Now, Inc. product

Perfect Biotics

by Probiotic America - An industry-leading multi-species probiotic supplement?

Perfect Pass Probiotic- An allergen-free, all-Bacillus probiotic supplement.

Prescript-Assist - New formula with controversial microbes in it.

Primal Defense HSO Probiotic - Garden of Life's "Homeostatic Soil Organism" probiotic supplement. What are these HSO's and is this supplement a good one?

Probifia Pearls -  Contain only Bifidobacterium species and marketed for colon health.

Probiotic Pearls Adult 50+ - A 100% Bifidobacterium product with a patented delivery system. Marketed for digestive and colon support.

Raw Probiotics Women - An unusual supplement based on Bulgarian yogurt and milk kefir

Renadyl - A probiotic supplement with research to show its efficacy in helping chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Probiotics - Room-temperature stable probiotic supplements that are available in a variety of formulations

Renew Life Ultimate FLora RTS Colon Care - Six room-temperature Bifidobacterium strains for digestive and colon health. This supplement is discontinued as of early 2015.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care - Six room-temperature Bifidobacterium strains for digestive balance, promotion of regularity and colon support.

RepHresh Pro-B - Balances yeast and bacteria in the vagina and female areas.

Smidge Sensitive Probiotic Powder or Capsules, or Infant Powder - GutPro has a new name and look and some slight changes. These supplement contained verified strains and limited ingredients, perfect for a healthy gut.

Theralac - Does it restore regularity and regulate the immune system?

trunature Digestive Probiotic - A gluten-, dairy- and soy-free probiotic supplement with 10 billion CFU of beneficial bacteria per capsule.

Ultimate Flora Men's Complete - A high potency, 90 billion CFU, "clean" supplement for adults

Ultra Jarro-Dophilus -A potent 50 billion CFU probiotic supplement with 10 beneficial bacteria strains including BB536.

UP4 Probiotics - Multiple formulations, each containing Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1

Visbiome - A mega-probiotic for IBS, UC, HE (Hepatic encephalopathy), and Pouchitis. This formula has extensive research studies to back it.

VSL#3- A high-potency probiotic for the IBS, UC and Pouchitis. It is a different formula than pre-2016 studies show.

I'll be adding to this list over time, but if there are particular probiotic products that you have questions about now, send me a note in the Contact Us form and I'll bump your request to the top of the to-do list.

If you're a supplier or marketer of probiotic products, and you'd like to have your products reviewed, please contact me at the same Contact Us form.

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