Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care Probiotic Supplement

Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care probiotic supplement contains all Bifidobacterium species

Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care is a probiotic supplement containing only Bifidobacterium species. It is marketed for digestive balance and for promotion of regularity and colon support which may be beneficial for all ages, not just seniors. This formula is one of several different formulations of room-temperature stable probiotic supplements by Renew Life. You can learn about the others here.

As shown in the picture to the right, the RTS capsules are sealed in double-foil blister packs to shield the probiotics from moisture and oxygen and prolong their lives at room temperature. During hot weather, however, refrigerating or freezing these products will prolong shelf life.

What Probiotics are in Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care Probiotic Supplement?

This supplement has 6 Bifidobacterium strains.

  1. B. lactis (A)
  2. B. lactis (B)
  3. B. bifidum
  4. B. breve
  5. B. infantis
  6. B. longum

What are the Other Ingredients in Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care?

As of this writing, the other ingredients are a vegetable capsule (vegetable fiber, water) and cellulose. Please always read ingredient statements before taking any product!

What is the Recommended Dosage of This Probiotic Supplement?

The recommended dosage is one capsule daily for 30 billion CFU of probiotics.

What are the Pros of Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care?

The pros of this probiotic supplement as I see them are:

  • It contains 6 different Bifidobacterium strains. Although you don't know what strains are in the product, the fact that it is marketed for digestive balance and the promotion of regularity and colon health and contains bifido strains makes sense. Read about why on the Bifidobacterium page.
  • This product has a total of 30 billion CFU from the 6 strains which is a good amount of Bifidobacterium.
  • The vegetable capsule is a delayed-release capsule meaning that the ingredients have some measure of protection from stomach acid so that they can reach the intestines.
  • The other ingredients are minimal.
  • The product is gluten-free and dairy-free and the microbes are grown on a non-gluten carbohydrate base, not a dairy base.
  • The product is room-temperature stable so it is easy to use when traveling.
  • The product is individually double-foil blister-pack sealed to protect each supplement until you are ready to take it.
  • The stated CFU are at the time of expiration as long as the product is kept at room temperature.
  • It has good, albeit short, reviews online:

"Very effective results, but gentle."

"Great probiotic for Seniors..."

What are the Cons of Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care?

The cons of this supplement as I see them are:

  • You know don't which strains of Bifidobacterium are in the product. Designating B. lactis (A) and (B) doesn't define them either. If you are wanting a particular strain, you have no idea if the one you want is in this product.
  • The GMO status of the product is not known as of this writing; however, Renew Life is in the early stages of trying to verify which of their products are free of GMO's and will make that information available as they find out. They are using a third-party service to determine the non-GMO status.
  • No studies with this product were performed. Note that this is not unusual, however, as very few multi-species probiotic products are used in studies. Usually manufacturers choose species/strains that are shown to be effective and non-competing and those are blended together in most multi-species products such as this Renew Life one.

Where to Find Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care?

Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care probiotic supplement contains all Bifidobacterium species

It is available from:

It is NOT available at Amazon in Canada nor at Amazon UK at the time of this writing.

Is Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Senior Care the Right Supplement for YOU?

I can help you decide if this probiotic supplement is right for you and your health through nutrition consultations.

As a nutritionist I always recommend dietary measures to improve health first. If you decide to take this supplement, I would use it in combination with a healthier diet and the benefits provided by:

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