Probiotics Side Effects 

Probiotics side effects are minimal if you are generally healthy, compared to all of the health benefits. If you know about them in advance, you will save yourself from surprises.

Unlike medications, which can have benefits but also very long lists of scary side effects, the downside to probiotics is minimal.You may have read horror stories about people who gave their children or themselves probiotics and experienced worsened health problems. In my opinion, either they were not healthy enough to begin taking probiotics or, most likely, they took the wrong kinds. Different probiotics have different actions and if you experience an uncomfortable reaction, it could be that you are not as healthy as you think you are or you are taking the wrong ones or the wrong dosages.

If you are generally healthy, the side effects of probiotics are usually mild:

  • Some of the probiotic microbes produce gases; this is why you must gradually introduce probiotics into your body so the microbiome can adjust and not cause you discomfort with increased passing of gas.
  • Some of the microorganisms can cause an upset in your digestion, including increased bowel movements. Probiotics will reconfigure your intestinal flora and influence your immune and digestion systems. This is another reason to introduce probiotics gradually.
  • There is the possibility that some of the bacteria might carry genes that could possibly transfer antibiotic resistance genes to the host, although most strains used do not have this capability.
  • There is also the possibility that some of the bacteria and yeasts can translocate, or leave their original location, and end up causing an infection elsewhere. However, these instances are rare.

More Notes about Probiotics Side Effects

If you have a suppressed immune system, or are under a doctor’s care, or have any concerns at all, please check with your doctor before consuming probiotics.

If your doctor approves, consider using whole, raw food and drink sources of probiotics first before supplementing with probiotic supplements or probiotic-fortified foods and drinks. Doing so could potentially prevent any rogue infections caused by a “leaky gut.” Your body will recognize the fermented whole, raw food and drink sources as nutrition. And you’ll be saving money by eating nutritious food that has extra benefits.

Again, introduce probiotic foods, drinks and supplements gradually. You'll avoid any probiotics side effects, and soon you'll be reaping the health benefits! You may want to start the introduction of probiotic foods, drinks and supplements on a day when you have minimal responsibility. That way, if you do have a reaction, you are not stressed about reducing your activities and can allow your body the time and space it needs to adjust.

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