What is the Best Probiotic?

If I could tell you what the best probiotic is for everyone, you would be very happy, right?

Sorry, but there is no such thing as a "best probiotic". But wait- keep reading. Think of it this way: Is there a best medication?

You would answer, "The best medication for what?"  Medication to stop an infection is not the proper medication for an occasional headache.

And even if I asked you what the best medication for a headache is, your answer would probably be based on what works for you. Ibuprofen (Advil) may be the only thing that works for you. Other people might reach for acetominophen (Tylenol). Others might be fine with natural remedies. What works for a person depends on that individual person.

And so it is with probiotics.

The Quest for the Best Probiotic

But why does it depend on the individual person? Because each of us is unique, with our own genes and our own flora. And how the genes and flora interact is unique, too.

So what works very well for your friend, spouse, or a celebrity, may not work for you. (Same goes for diets, but that's another subject!)

Also, as research shows, it takes a village of various beneficial microbes to keep us healthy.

Additionally, the cfu (colony-forming units) that studies show to be effective vary from species to species and strain to strain, and condition to condition, so you have to take enough of a proven strain in order for it to have an effect, especially if it is a microbe that doesn't take up residence inside you.

Probiotics, alone or in combinations, like medications, do not have 100% success rate in every case. That is why, in the studies I mention, there is rarely complete "cure".

But let me reword that: Prescription and over-the-counter drugs do not have a fail-proof cure rate either. But their side effects can be long and nasty.

Unlike medications, however, the side effects of probiotics are usually mild, if any, in people with intact immune systems.

So, What is a Person To Do?

The whole point of this website is to help you find the best probiotic for you.

What I would suggest you do first is clean up your diet. Unless your doctor tells you not to, add more vegetables (no, French fries do not count!), especially green leafy ones and cruciferous ones like cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

Then try adding some cultured foods and drinks into your lifestyle.

Meanwhile, check out the various health conditions listed, and if one of those applies to you, then try the suggestions.

You can also check out the reviews of probiotic supplements to see if one of those might help you.

If not, then read/scan the pages on the different microbes and see what they can do. Perhaps you'll see one or many that has/have the potential to help you.

Finding the best probiotic for you may involve some trial and error.

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